Wall of Honor of NYRR Volunteers for 2015 ! Cool !

I got a call from New York Road Runners for our volunteering service last year to thank me and Evelyne and Elisabeth !

We totaled 29 hours which is great ! Tough to improve in 2016 !

But let’s try !


Scotland Run (10K)

Hello dear readers,

Today was my seventh race of the year ! We headed to Central Park for a 6.2 miles (10 km) run for the Scotland week ! It is getting colder and the choice of clothes is getting tricky. Rain was also forecasted.

I went for technical heavy long sleeves plus a 2015 NYRR Volunteer blue-gray T shirt, long technical pants and a short, plus light gloves and a cap for the rain. Too much as usual but I hate the cold.

I started in corral I, with my current 9:20 per mile best. I’ll will be in slower corral in the future as I don’t run 9:20 on long runs any more.

I need stamina, not endurance to preserve this low ranking corral level 😉

The run went OK, with light rain in the last mile. I tried to maintain a sub 10:00 minutes per miles. My watch is telling me:

1st mile : 9:31
2nd mile: 9:11
3rd mile: 9:35
4th mile: 10:07
5th mile: 9:27
6th mile: 9:22

We went clock wise in Central Park, starting from Central Park South side on 59th street. Being in a far away corral, I cross the departure line in 5 minutes. We had the rolling hills till the reservoir, then the serious hills of Harlem, before returning along the Museum Mile on the East side. A great one man cheering squad on cat hill !

We had great pipe players at miles 2,3,4 and 5. Still playing under the rain!  Viva Scotland !

My watch is also telling me I ran 6.34 miles. I could not follow the shortest line as we had so many runners.

My watch says: 1:00:22 for 6.34 miles
NYRR says: 1:0016 for 6.2 miles

I finished 5348th overall, 3358th male, 247th in my age group.

One nice feature of NYRR is the age group equivalent, i.e. an equivalent result of 53:36 which better than my official personal best. They also give a ranking of 49.86% overall. I’ll need to break again the hour to go past 50% of my age group.

It is my best time for at least 6 years, since I left Japan.

This is my second race for the New York Flyers. I need to see what training I could do with then to go through the hour on 10 km. I need STAMINA !

All the best. Next week, we’ll hike near Bear Mountain. Stay tune.

Winter 2016 Recap.

What a season !

Running wise, after Honolulu marathon, we had no race till the end of the year, but next year, I’ll do the midnight run in Central Park if we’re in town.

I ran the Joe Kleinerman 10K on January 9th with Evelyne in 1:17:01. It was her PB on 10K. Nice, cold, crisp. In Central Park.

Then the Manhattan half has been cancelled by a snow storm. A small one. We still went running in Central Park and there was still some humid snow on part of the road. But we got the NYRR +1 for the race, even if it has been cancelled. So January finished with NYRR +2 for our 2016 campaign for 2017 NYC marathon. And +1 for the 5 boroughs

A small reminder: we are (Evelyne, Eli and myself) already qualified for 2016.  And we’ll do the Brooklyn half as we volunteered for the race last year.

In February, two 4 milers. 37’31” on February 6th Gridiron 4M and 37’46″on February 20th for the Al Gordon Classic in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I like the Gridiron, on the morning the Super Bowl. A fun race where you can vote for your favorite by selecting a lane. So for us, this year, we went in the Broncos lane! The race in Prospect Park is also quite nice. A quick subway ride from Times Square to Grand Army Plaza and we’re in the park. The hills are easier than Central Park, so I don’t have an excuse on the slower time. Lack of training, too much foods and drinks, probably. So for Feb, We were NYRR 4 and 5B 1.

In early March, we had a week of cross country ski in Lapland Lake Village in the Southern Adirondacks. Very nice holiday place, with many small chalets in the woods and a good communal house. We had a lot of fun skiing and hiking in fairly icy conditions.

On March 6, we ran the Washington Heights 5K, from the Armory to the Cloisters and back, running under the access ramp of the Washington Bridge, then past Fort Tyron then down around the MET annex at the Cloisters. Very nice course in a lively neighborhood.

And on March 20th, I ran again the United NYC Half. #UnitedNYChalf. So fun. I qualified last year through the 5 boroughs races. I qualified for last year race through the lottery, but it has now been established that I have a lot of luck.

The weather, on this last day of winter was very cold. Some cold air from Canada came other to say hello. We had 32 Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius at the start and a couple of degrees more later in the day. Snow is forecasted later today as hot and humid air is coming up from Virginia!

The preparation: I visited the race expo on Friday afternoon as both Evelyne and Eli volunteered  from 4 to 8 pm. They managed the 19000-19999 booth and my number was 19368. What a coincidence it was not ! I picked up the nice technical shirt, from a small outfit in Oregon, which outsourced the work in China. Nice design, lots of sponsor nice in the back. It like Times Square without the screens 😉

I carbo-loaded Friday night with Pasta and meat sauce. Very good. And I drank lots of water and coffee on Saturday. Ate some more bread for good measure. But I could eliminate the hard waste and ended up running with a very heavy belly. Next time, I carbo-load of Thursday then I fast for three days. I can’t be 84 kg on Wednesday and 87 kg on the morning of the race. This is sheer non sense. This needs to be fixed.


On the morning of the race, I woke up at 6:00. Dressed up quickly, had a yogurt then ran out the door. I had my tired yellow Asics shoes, heavy hiking socks, long X2U pants, two longs sleeves thermo shirts, a long sleeve vest and the blue tech T shirt with the bib, a ski mask and January’s Manhattan Half blue hot hat. Plus gloves.  I also took a poncho to protect me till the departure time of the race. I was, as usual, carrying too much. But I was not cold. I will never improve my time if I’m not dressed in a short and a T shirt,with light gloves and hat. I need a fair weather to dress light to go faster.

I was at the back of the second wave, which is nice, better than the third wave last year. Lots of security to enter the park, up to 20 minutes to line up to pass the metal detectors. I was gone at 8:00. Up Cat’s Hill, then past the Luxor Obelisk, the MET, the reservoir, Harlem’ 110th street to WestCentral Park corner then back in the park, up the hills before exiting the park on 7th Avenue. Then up to 57th street, then all downhill to Times Square, then 42nd street to meet Eli and Evelyne, at mile 8, before heading South on the West side of Manhattan.

I averaged 10:32 per mile:

Start: 8:00:52 am.

5K: 31’39”

10K: 1:04’35”, 32’57”

15K: 1:36’59”, 32’24”

20K: 2:10’26”, 33’28”

Finish: 2:18’01” un official.

Pace went from 10’11 to 11’07 per mile. Not very good.

The finish chute was well organized. I just walked to subway 1 station, missed a train, took the next, changed for a 3 to Times Square. Nice. Then I walked in the cold to the apartment.

Nice medal. Nice race. Nice day.


I’m NYRR +6, 5 boroughs +2. Evelyne and Eli are NYRR 5+1 and 5 B +1.

And now I’ll taste the raisin bread I prepared today:


I started making bread a couple of months ago, based on the no-kneat bread recipe from Sullivan Street Bakery’s founder. I tried plain white flour, 25% wheat and 75% white flour, 33% wheat and 66% white and raisin bread. It is so easy to do and so good, that I do a bread every weekend now.




Running Summary 2015

Running : 923 km in 2015 !

3 marathons: Omaha (September, 5:48), New York (November, 5:17) and Honolulu (December, 6:17)
3 half marathons: Manhattan, NYC, Staten Island
10 miles: Bronx
10 K, 4 miles and 5 K: a lot…

The Break Down:

  • January: 68 
  • February: 40
  • March: 74
  • April : 34
  • May: 48
  • June: 102
  • July: 74
  • August: 101
  • September: 98
  • October: 58
  • November: 118
  • December: 108


I didn’t run any ultra in 2015. Maybe in 2016 ?

For January, I have the 10K Joe Kleinerman (January 9th) and the Manhattan Half (January 24th, with a medal this year) in Central Park. Both will count for NYC marathon 2017 9+1 program.

As I volunteered last year for the Brooklyn Half, I’m automatically in this year (May 21st), I’m so happy. I did the arrival baggage, and it was a fully body work out for 2 hours, working on two trucks plus helping people to locate their missing bags.

Honolulu marathon

The results of the Honolulu marathon are out !
I finished #11193 (my daughter finished 11192 !)

My bib was  13062

My final time is 6:17:33

The overall pace was 14:24 minutes per miles

My group result: M50-54 :837/1286

Men: 6688/10779

5K : 42:09 In the dark, departure at 5:00 !

10K: 1:23:03 Just before going up Diamond head !

Half: 3:00:16 It was already hot.

25K: 3:35:29 Tough and getting tougher

30K: 4:20:32 A long 5K, getting very hot

40K: 6:00:03: Up hill till 39.8. We ran more on the flats.

Very fun race, well organized , lots of great volunteers. The fireworks were awesome !


Last heavy week before Honolulu marathon taper

I had a hard week for thanksgiving, lots of running, walking and cycling.

Just short of 130 kilometers total (81 miles), which is a personal best so far. I’ll now taper slowly till December 13.

I ran a bit, walk some and added serious (for me) session on the bike.

Overall, I am fine, exited and hopefully ready for my third marathon this Autumn.

We’ll fly to Hawaii in two weeks. I’m so excited !

This is my son graduation celebration trip, delayed by some 18 months !

Life is great !


New York City Marathon Race report.

Short story: it was a great race, beyond expectations. 5:15:21 !

Long story:

Preparation: long runs, mostly 20-25 k each each weekends.

Metro: Subway from Times Square, R line to Whitehall, lots of runners, first call for a doctor on the platform

Ferry for Staten Island: I arrived in the terminal at 7:10, for my ferry scheduled at 7:30. I lined up toward dock #1. There were very long lines for ferry #1, which was unexpectedly departing at 7:15. The ferry added ferries to have 4 ferries an hour. As I didn’t know, and as it wasn’t on the SI ferry web site, i just waited for #1. I couldn’t make it. They closed the door in front of me and lots of other runners. Then everyone ran to door #3 for the next ferry. We had even longer lines for #3, departing at 7:30. That was my scheduled ferry. I just sneaked in. I walked in the orange ferry and found all seats taken in the id level deck. I walked up and had 10 seats for me. Lesson one on ferry: don’t wait for the first ferry, line up for the next one and go to the upstair deck.

Departure: I was in the blue corral, upright lane on the bridge 😉 I started in the 4th wave, most probably due to the fact that I selected back this Spring the 7:30 ferry to SI. Departure at 11:00, 2 hours after the men elites and wave 1 !

Departure area: Well organized with hot beverages and lot of space to relax and wait for the departure.

Music: I usually listen to music during long run and marathon but I had to get the earphones away after reaching the bottom of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge. The crowd was so loud I couldn’t hear my music.

Race Path: the classic 5 boroughs : fairly flat except for the bridges. Easier than the hills in Central Park.

Timing: 5:15 is nice, 32 minutes faster than Omaha, which is good.

Hills and bridges: I need to train on hills. Hudson River park is too flat 😉

Neighborhood: I enjoyed Williamsburg and the Bronx, Brooklyn and the Long Island city in Queens. Harlem and the 1st Avenue, the 5th avenue and the Museum mile. I found out that the 5th avenue is blocked in Harlem by a fairly large rock. Strange thing to find out in a Marathon.

Things I enjoyed: the continuous crowd support, the music (the DaftPunk look alike were amazing), the views of Manhattan from Brooklyn and the bridges, the crowd support (really amazing !), the organization, the relatively flat course. And the weather which allowed me to run in shorts and Namban Rengo T-shirt. And the crowd support…

I’m still training my daughter for her first marathon. In Hawaii, honolulu, on Dec 13th 2015. It will be a great day.