Schunemunk Mountain trail

We went hiking in the North of New York city today.

We rented a car as usual at the local Avis shop on 43th Wet. Great team. Very friendly. We upgraded to a 4×4 SUV Toyota and the hiking team was on its way. We had an interesting Asian background covering Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong plus the usual Breton and Charentaise.

The trail was part of the 60 trails within 60 miles from New York book.

A tough trail, that we started from Otterkill road trail head. The loop is starting on the lower West side of the ridge, with great view to the West and North, then switched to the higher East side of the ridge with great 360 views of the Hudson Valley, Harriman State Park and large wooden areas west on the river.

The second part was tough, with 3-4 meters walls to escalate, tough rocks walls, but still a lot of fun for fit people ( 2 x half marathons and a 50 miles bike ride in the past 30 days).

A tough hike, 9.6 miles, great views, some fun rock climbing.

And we saw 2 snakes, the second one a big rattle snake. Many more probably saw us moving around on the ridge of Schunemunck mountain, which means “Ancestral Fireplace” or “Excellent Fireplace” in Lenape language.

The wiki:


Brooklyn Half May 20th 2017: a race report

We registered on day one within a couple of minutes of the opening of the registration process. We heard that the race was sold out in 2 hours. It is probably the second most popular race after the marathon.

NYRR indicates that this is the most popular half marathon in the country. Today, 27,440 finished the race, with a breakdown of 13,472 men and 13, 968 women !

We trained hard as usual and finished with a respectable 2:44:20 and 21.

The race is using  a similar course to last year, a run around the Brooklyn botanical garden, a run around the Grand Army Plaza monument, a round outside Prospect Park, then a round inside Prospect Park. We left Prospect Park with already 7 miles done. Very easy, smooth running, with paces of 11 minutes per mile downhill up to 13 min/miles on the long nice uphills.

The Ocean Park way was just covered with fresh asphalt up to mile 10 and it was very nice. The last miles were on the old road. We ran past the Cyclone before turning to the boardwalk for the last 200 meters. We crossed the line together.

This is the second best for Evelyne. I ran with her again this year.

The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold nor windy. A bit of rain in the last mile.

The organization was perfect as usual.

My status is 7+1 for the 2018 NYC Marathon, 7 races done and 1 volunteer.

I’ll do the June 17th 10K in Corona Park and the Bronx 10 miles in September to wrap up both my 9+1 and my 5 boroughs for next year automatic entry to the NYC half 😉

I’ll volunteer during the summer for the fun ! And I’ll train a bit my speed for Omaha marathon mid September. Then prepare NYC marathon with Evelyne, and run it with her. Big question mark: do I run the 60K this year ? Tempting.

Gotta run !

#RunJapan 2017

May 14, 2017. Temperature at 7:00 a.m. 8 Celsius, 6 Celsius in the wind.

We had a great race today in Central Park, the Japan Run. A 4 miler, which is a +1 for the New York City Marathon. I ran with both Evelyne and Elisabeth. Eli went ahead and finished fast.

We started on 66th street East side in Central Park, continued up Cat Hill, a 400 meter hill with 15 meters of elevation, then on the East side along the MET and then the reservoir, a turn on 102th street traverse to return through undulating route to 72nd street finish line.

We had a blast, finishing in 47’40”, just under 12 minutes mile pace, very conservative, a good warm up for next week’s Brooklyn half !

A quick run home for a total of 7 miles.

New York 5 Boro bike tour : 40+10 miles by bicycle !

On May 7th, we finished the 5 Boro cycle road adventure across New York !

I was so happy we did it. My first long ride in the USA !

We went with the first wave at 7:50 and finished at 1:40 pm. The start is near Wall Street on the South side of Manhattan, we then went North on 6th Avenue till Central Park then through the park till Harlem, then a short turn in the Bronx.

We went to the bathrooms there, had a snack and a drink before returning to Manhattan on FDR East till the Queensborough bridge, a nice hill.Then North again to Astoria Park, where we stopped for bananas, water, pit stop. After a good break, we headed South along the East river to Pulaski bridge to enter Brooklyn. A course different from the marathon, staying along the Naval docks, then trough the renovated Dumbo, before taking the QB highway with elevated views on the borough.

The final hill was the Verrazano Bridge, that we ascended slowly in 10 minutes, absorbing the enormity of the trip, looking at tip of Manhattan far away to the North.

The race was extremely well organized. Many volunteers, lots of security, amazing.

40 miles from Wall Street to Staten Island Ferry terminal + 10 miles to and from home. A great day, a great adventure. A lot of fun.

Running in the Cold (I hate running in the cold)

Oh Hello !

We had a great NYC Half two weeks ago, on March 19th.

Ran with Evelyne in her second best of 2:48. Great course and a new finish just off Wall Street.

We started training again yesterday, 10 miles in the cold, 5 miles to Battery Park, Fort Clinton, then 5 miles against a very cold wind, back to Hell Kitchen, using the Hudson Park running course all along.

The Hudson running course is very well made and fairly well protected running course. Some crossing, but overall extremely pleasant way to run 5 miles to the South and 7 miles to the North, up to the George Washington Bridge and the little red lighthouse.

This course is one of the reason I wanted to be on the West side. Two minutes from our place, then 2 to 4 hours of unobstructed running, no cars, very few traffic lights.

At the start of NYC Half : still winter !



4M in Prospect Park

Early start for a 4M in Prospect park, at 8:00. BPOTY Best Performance of the Year, 9:50 per mile.

Wake up at 6:30, quick breakfast, a glass of orange juice and 2 fruit yogurts.

We took a taxi to Brooklyn, and saw the massive fog over the East river. Manhattan was OK. On the bridge, we couldn’t see the river, too much fog. Amazing.

We ran from Grand Army Plaza to the start line for warming up. The temps were lower than expected, 12-15C. Much higher than usual in February. I ran in short and with my 2007 Tokyo Marathon T-shirt as the 11th edition will take place tonight with a new faster course.

My race : I started too fast, at 9:35 for the first mile, which is down hill for a quarter mile then after a sharp left turn, up hill. Then the next two miles, slightly downhill, at 9:34 and 9:24.

Then I blew up for the last mile at 10:17. The last 0.06 miles in 34 secs for a total of 39:24 on my watch, 39:19 for the NYRR clock. Gun time of 45:10.

I started in corral I. Lots of people today, with 5,258 runners. I finished 3,552 on time, 148th in my age group out of 201.

I was too slow on the hills (up and down). Not enough speed. A bit tired so my heart beat went up too fast. Need some more strength training.

Marathon NYC 2016

The 2016 summary : Manhattan Half (snow cancelled), NY City Half, Brooklyn Half, Queens 10K, Bronx 10 miles, Staten Island Half and The New York City Marathon : Yeah !



Completed my second NYC in 6:46:40. Paced my wife to her first ever marathon. My daughter beat my time from last year by 5 minutes, in 5:10.

Lining up to take a bus at Bryant Park:





Two future marathoners on the start line:



Departure line:



The look:


Another medal for marathon #18



Our medals are in good ends:



More to follow.

Bronx: great music by DJs. Best tracks and sound systems 😉
Bronx: good Taiko group
Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Williamsburg: great live groups

I would extend the cut off for road closure to 7 hours and start the race 3 hours earlier.

My Marathons:

Tokyo 2007 5h36’49”

Tokyo 2008 5h30’33”

Tokyo 2009 4:57’53”

Tokyo 2010, 5:23’57”

Tokyo 2011, 6:11′

Tokyo 2012, 6:20’44”

Tokyo 2013, 5:46’41”

Tokyo 2014, 5:29’30”

Tsukuba 2009 5:20′

Tsukuba 2010, 5:46′

Hong Kong 2012 5:43’42”

Honolulu 2012, 5:47′

Honolulu 2013, 5:41’27”

Honolulu 2014, 5:27’51

Honolulu 2015, 6:17’33”

Omaha, 2015 5:48′

New York City 2015 5:15’21”

New York City 2016, 6:46’40”