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NYRR 10K in the cold : January 10th in Central Park

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Short version: 10K , super cold, windy but sunny , 1:03:30ish.

Long version: Once upon a time, etc…

After a successful campaign of 9+1 for 2014 in 5 months (July to Nov), I decided to start earlier in 2015. I booked early races in January and February. Then I added races in March, registered for the NYC Half (and got through the lottery). So by end of March, I should be up with 5 races out of 9.

Being a newbie in New York, I did not consider sub-zero conditions or snow on the road.
On the eve of my first race, I was playing with various clothing options. I went with three layers on the legs and four layers for the upper body. I lacked some mobility as a result but I as well protected.

I took a taxi to get to 102th street and 5 Avenue, 57 streets and some 5 avenues away. I got out at 96th street as we had a traffic jam as 7000+ runners converged to the departure line. I quickly entered Central Park and reached the back of the pack. Big surprise, everybody showed up. Thousands of runners converged to the departure line ! Which is really cool.

Back of the Pack, NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K on January 10th 2015

Back of the Pack, NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K on January 10th 2015

About the Weather: sunny, windy and in Celsius, we had -8 C and -15 C with the windchill. The road was white, covered with salt. No residual ice.

The race went on at 8:00 sharp after a great National Anthem. We quickly went on for a big loop of Central Park, first good down to Harlem, then back up hills to the West side of the park, with rolling hills, then down to the lakes, which were covered with ice.

Green Bay Packer fan in the cold

Green Bay Packer fan in the cold

NYRR organisation had water points every miles or so and it was important as hydration in the cold is super important. The glasses of water were covered with 0.5 centimeter of ice which was fun to break to drink some water. It was a good reminder that it was very cold.

We turned East at Columbus circle to pass The Boat House and then up Cat Hill, before saluting the Luxor Obelisk on the left and the Metropolitan Museum on the right. Then we went around the big reservoir, ran pass the statue of NYRR founder Fred Lebow, before going down to the finish line. Result is fine at 1:03 +. Good for me as I didn’t train, as usual. But I need to change that by adjusting my working hours schedule (60+ hours work weeks).

I really enjoyed the apple and the cinnamon raisin bagel after the arrival. It was really cold. I walked back to take a subway (a train every 20 minutes in New York on weekends, it seems, but this is another topic/rant) and then ran home from Times Square/42th street. It was so cold with the wind!

Finished officially in 1:03:21, 3097th out of 4209, 1959th man out of 2347, 10:12 per mile!

A good day, 1+0 out of 9+1.


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