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New York Road Runner 60K: ultramarathon in the city !

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Short version:
60 K – Done – 7 hours and 48 minutes and 31 seconds, 262nd out 301, 176th man, 21st age group.
50 K in 6:22, 32 minutes PB
42.2K in 5:00, second best ever
first half in 2:23, nice and sweet.


Long version: the toughest day in recent years…

Very cold, freezing at 8:00, up to 5-6 Celsius with a lot of cold Westernly wind, 5 miles/hours. The US are in a very bad cold polar vortex event.

A lot of fun, a lot of respect from other runners, complete indifference from tourists.

Fantastic volunteers: cheering us all the time. So supportive !

Great organisation from NYRR !

The race was an initial 1.3 miles U turn and 9 x 4 miles on the inner loop of Central Park, quite hilly!

I started with the goal to do a last long run before Hawaii marathon in 4 weeks.

I didn’t train, as usual. I worked 5 weeks full time, week ends and holidays included. I work 7:00 to 19:00 every week days, more on Tuesday, till 22:00 as Tuesday is not a good day. I walk a lot, stand a lot but I don’t run enough. I blocked today’s schedule while my team worked at the office.

I intended to do maybe 30K, then drop out. Once I reached 33K (loop 4), I though about continuing for the full marathon. I passed the full in a second best ever of 5 hours, versus a best of 4:56.

Then I entered the zone, beyond the marathon. And I continued, continued. Each loop of 4 miles went slower and slower…

The Ultra part, the last 3 loops, was the last 19.2 kilometres of the 60K. I had 3 hours as the cutoff time was 8:00. It went OK and each loop took less than 1 hour. I later realized that there were no cut off time as the last one finished after 10 hours.

I got a lot of support from volunteers and fellow runners, in the race and running in Central Park today. We had cheering teams along the race. A guy had fantastic messages on the right side 1K before the finish line. I laughed every time I passed by. For exemple at 15:00: You outlasted all jocks ! (Jocks are the sports guys/girls). Yes I was still on the course while the sprts guys already finished 😉 !

Running these 60k was very, very hard. I lost 5 kg recently (another story about a broken tooth to be replace by a crown which slowed down my gluttony, or maybe too many issues at the office). At 76.5 kg, I reached a good running weight. My gym trainer in HongKong wanted me to reach 72kg, nice, but I will to change all my office gear.

I had a long day out there. I’m so happy with the outcome. I now look for the next challenge.

Who said a 50 miles ?


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