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October is Abs Month

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Well, I had to do more after my super depressing encounter with doctors last month. So I’ll lose weight (5kg) and I’ll stop having meat, milk, eggs, all animal products. In addition, I’ll do abs every day this month. I’ll get my belly tour down to 89cm. My health will not be better (say if I have another dramatic disease) but I will avoid unnecessary additional health tests (and long blood tests: I now where is my last good vein after chemo, they don’t.)

October 1st: after work in the night of early Autumn, we found dancers in front of Sankei Building, nice interpretation of Smoke over the river. Swim 600 m in 22 minutes. No pain what so ever. Abs: 20 cycles.

October 2nd: Volunteered for English lesson for blind people in Takadanobaba School for Blind people. Supporting a great and young English teacher. Met other great volunteers David and Sophie. Abs: 50 cycles.

October 3rd: Jog 15K, 2 turn around Imperial Palace (38′ and 41′) in a glorious morning. Saw Akira san and Chika san at 7:30 around Sakuradamon. Walked the hills and did run/walk all along. No pain, which is good. Not that many people so early. Or is it the end of the running boom? I added 5K barefoot later on !
Great day for a run. Abs: 55 cycles.

October 4th: Skipped the run as rain was expected. Of course, it didn’t rain. Abs: 60 cycles.

October 5th: No rain forecasted. Skipped the run anyway. I don’t know if I can finish the 10K next Sunday under 1 hour. Abs: 65 cycles.

October 6th: 5K very easy. A lot of Namban, a lot of people on the tracks. Old friends and new friends. Great evening. Weather was perfect for training. Abs: 70 cycles.

October 7th: Rien, nothing, nada. Abs: 75 cycles.
October 8th: Rest again. Abs: 80 cycles.
October 9th: Rest. Real rest

October 10th: Great day out there. Toda Koen to race place 6K, 10K race , 4K back to nearest station + 2K in the afternoon. 22K for the day. Oouf. For the race, I ran 31:40 and 33 split, finishing 159/179, official time 1:04:40.

From my other blog on runningintokyo.com, my race report:

What a great day for running !

I woke up early and soon I was ready to go. I had such an advance on my timing that I decided to make a side trip. I drop at TokaKoen station and I went to see the crew teams on Toda lake, a 3K, 6 lanes crew range. I walked along as I remembered that Saiko lake was just in the continuity of the Toda training place. I walked up to the side of the river and to my surprise, Saiko Lake was a good 3K ahead. So I speed up the pace and covered the 6K from Toda Koen station to the start in just more than 1 hour. It was raining a bit.

I arrived just on time for my speech at 9:45. It was my first public speech to such a large audience and on such a personal issue. Thanks Juergen for the translation. Here is the text:

12 years ago, I received a gift
It did incredible things for me
It brought my family together
I felt love and appreciation like never before

I reconnected with friends
I re calibrated what was most important in my life
This gift gave me a new understanding and trust in my body, new vitality and energy
I learned new words, met new people, visited new places,
I’ve been challenged, inspired emotionally and humbled
My life has new meaning : peace, health, serenity, happiness

I got a lymphoma cancer, I survived it for now 12 years
It changed my life in ways I didn’t expect
So next time you face something difficult, unexpected, and uncertain, consider that it is maybe a gift.

After the speech, the race. Still recovering from an injury, I jogged along the first 5K in 31:40 then tried to do a reverse split but finished in 33:00, total 1:04:40. Good for 159/179. I like small races.

The return to Kita Toda eki was another 4K walk. So I fulfilled my goal of 20K+ for Sunday morning.

Great organisation. Thank you runningintokyo.com

October 11th: Sport Day and big blue sky over the Kanto. I woke up early, moved slowly and decided for a small 10K to recover from yesterday efforts. Went around Imperial Palace, turned in 39′, met Chika who is preparing seriously an Autumn marathon. A little hot as I ran from 8:00 till 9:15. A great day to practice sports. Abs: 85 cycles.

October 12th: Abs: 100 cycles. Weather forecast on NHK at 6:30: 20% chance of rain from 6 to 12 over Tokyo. Checked outside, it’s raining hard. Weather forecast is so so here in Tokyo. I don’t know if it’s going to rain for 20% of the time or on 20% of the area.

October 13th: Abs: 125 cycles. No track. No excuses.
October 14th: 6.5K, one time around Imperial Palace + 140 cycles for my Abs program.
October 15th: Start of the day with 150 cycles of Abs.

October 16th: At 9:00, the 36 teams participating in the 87th Yosenkai started their quest for one of the 9 remaining slots for Hakone Ekiden. Great day to be out. 5K. Abs: 160.

This is usually the most competitive 20K in the world. Today was so hot that runners suffered a lot from the heat. Times were less stellar. I went early, leaving at 7;15, arriving at 8:17 at Nishi Tachikawa, purchased entry ticket to the Showa park, then I positioned myself at 6th K, just after the exit from the helicopter military base whose runway is used for the departure: 36 teams of 14 runners. I was briefly on TV Asahi this afternoon. After the passage of the runners, I walked to the 16K point and waited for the runners. I took tons of pictures. Then I went to see the final results at 11:00. The winner, a Kenyan, and his team were first qualified team. Then the suspense continued and the convoluted process went on and some teams benefited handsomely of Spring competition results (Nihon daigaku comes to mind).

Great post by Brett on the race here, with my pictures. I’m so happy.

October 17th: 175 abs. Getting easier everyday but it takes more time as I relax after each 50. Velo, 4K.
We attended CWAJ Print Show again this year. This a great charity event with outstanding art presented and for sale. Again, we supported the event and purchased some great prints, soon to be framed and exhibited.
Late in the evening, a hard 20 K run, including 3 rounds around Imperial Palace. I felt ok for the first 15K, then I struggled. I had no extra food or suggar, and I think I needed some. 5K in 35, 37 and 42. Good sensations for the first 15K. Promising. I love running while listening to Trance by DJ Tiesto, keeps me in the rythm.

October 18th: 180 Abs reps.
October 19th: 185 Abs reps. No swim.
October 20th: 200 Abs reps. Track and Field in the evening with the club. About 40 people, down from 68 two weeks ago. The program called for 2000, 1600, 1200, 800 and 400 for a total of 6000. I decided to run the 6K at my rythm, on the outer track. After, dinner with organizing committee of the 10K and 1/2 marathon at RajMahal. Heavy indian curry.

October 21st: 205 Abs reps. Swimmimg pool instead of lunch. 500 m.

October 22nd: 210 Abs reps. It’s taking me about 10 minutes now. After work, in the evening, 5K tempo run around Imperial Palace.
The goal 40 secondes per 100 meter. The course of 5,025 meters is marked about every 100 meters, with some intervals longer than others 😉
1K: 35″99, 40″18, 38″18, 37″32, 38″88, 42″05, 39″21, 40″10, 37″76, 38″92 : up hill from 500m.
2K: 38″45, 39″50, 38″70, 41″49, 38″31, 39″05, 40″31, 37″09, 36″54, 35″64
3K: 37″57, 37″35, 35″44, 33″94, 33″12, 34″02, 34″56, 34″74, 35″84, 32″59 : down hill
4K: 32″58, 34″01, 37″47, 31″32, 34″25, 32″65, 35″56, 32″74, 36″58, 35″57 : around Sakuradamon
5K: 34″80, 34″93, 36″51, 36″06, 34″75, 34″87, 36″34, 39″85, 36″91, 33″98.

Total: 30’24″67, 36″49 average and 31″32 best. Goal was 33″20. Happy. 6.5K total.

October 23rd: Long run du week end: 25 kilometers. Very slow, 8 minutes/kilometer, long distance, early in the morning. Wake up on saturday at 6:10, out of the door at 6:30. Go to Imperial Palace, 4 loops in 39, 40, 42 and 42. I met Chika chan at 9:30 at the start of her 25K with Harrison at 4:45 pace. Good for them. Cold wind when going north. Gear: Trainer Nike, socks, short and Middlebury running Tshirt with “Middlebury, Panthers, I’ll protect this house”. I like it. But soon I’ll have to had a layer. 25K total in 3:16. Now, let’s rest for the weekend.

October 24th: Sunday, long “grasse matinée”. 8K on my bike to go twice to the cleaning guys in Yakuojicho.

October 25th: 150 Abs reps while looking at TV news. Go for 3000?
October 26th: 225 Abs reps. Swim at lunch time. 25×25 = 625 meters.
October 27th, 28th and 29th: 3x 200 Abs reps. Cold, cold out there. No running.
October 30th, 4K by bicycle.

Swim: Month: 1625 m, Year: 23575 m
Run: Month: 126 K, Year: 807.8 K
Vélo: Month 16 K, year: 104 K
Abs: 3365 cycles


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