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Body building in Japan

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Hi there. New goal, a proper body for our purpose.

Reading here, I’m not far from my optimal “normal” body weight: 80,6kg. I’m just 1kg over, which is not so bad. The problem is that I also want to be a runner. So I need to be much lighter than the average Joe. 15% lighter. 68,5 kg. A dream.

Let’s dream. Let’s get in order for losing 13.1kg.

First I go back to 80.6 kg. I’ll control my intake, starting tomorrow. Hahahahaha.

Background check: I turned 43, I reached 105 kg about 7 years ago, I’m back to 81.6 kg. I’m 1,78 m tall, or 5’10”.

When I started exercising, bicycling to the office, the first 10 kg just rolled off. After that it was much harder so I turned to marathon. Logic.

Now, some maths:

To lose weight: sum of calories out must be superior to the sum of calories in.

Calories out = Basal Metabolic Rate + Normal activity.

BMR is the number of calories burned to stay at rest all day.

So from here, my BMR is 1791 kcal. Revolutionary year !!

For normal activity all day long, it should be around 309 as I’ve a sedentary job but I run for fun a couple of days a week plus a long run on Saturdays.

Total = 2100 kcal out per day. Sayonara the calories.

Now for calories in, my life is easy and simple. I will try to get my numbers correct. Breakfast routine is a routine. Diner is fresh vegetables and a fruit. Lunch is the “Metabo lunch” at the office cafeteria. Plus some extras.

Losing weight equations:

Fat is 3500 kcal per 500g.

Want to lose 500g per week? Eat 500 fewer calories than you burn each day.
Want to lose 500g per month? Eat 115 fewer calories than you burn each day.

I really want to lose 13.1kg in two years (91,700 kcals)?

Eat 125 fewer calories than you burn per day.

Let’s start. Nothing is impossible.

Starting point June 09: 82,4 kg on June 15
June 16: 81.9, BMI 22.7 on my Tanita balance by conductivity test.
June 19: 80.3, le plus bas niveau jamais atteint depuis au moins 18 ans.
July 09: 81.6
August 09: 83.5
September 09: 83.4
October 09: 83.0


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